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When is the Next Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Good news for you regarding the exact date of amazon prime day 2022. Mostly the day of amazon prime happens in August but this year Prime Day will be celebrated in July 2022. The day will take place from Tuesday, July 12 – Wednesday, July 13 and there will be a number of daily deals. So get ready for the greatest shopping event and the latest updates from our side.

When is the next Amazon Prime Day 2022


Amazon Prime Day Date 2022

As there is now clear confirmation regarding the exact date which is 12th of the July. It is known widely that in the last year the brand amazon lasted its offers for almost 48 hours. The same will be the situation this year. So, get ready for the best deals and discounts.

It is fully estimated of two days with various discount offers and provides the best time for a large number of people to enjoy the amazing offers or discounts. So it is expected the same in this year 2022 that amazon will last their offers or discounts on various items for a long time period.

If we see historically the time of day that was often chosen by amazon is Monday which continues its offers till Tuesday. At different times, it is assumed that it will change into the month of July instead of August for announcing its day of prime. There are different websites on amazon that keep the users or consumers up to date regarding its prime day or best day of selling. Here the situation will be the same as in 2022 Prime day is on Tuesday 12th July.

The best-selling devices of amazon are notable and well known in the history of amazon prime day. This brand is able to introduce or sell its best or top equipment which is in high demand on the day of prime. Are you ready to enjoy such a huge shopping event?

Is Amazon Prime Day will be Postponed?

There were different rumours about the day of the prime of Amazon that it will postpone as the world is facing an economic crisis due to various reasons, especially Covid-19. But with the latest news, it is now confirmed that Prime Day will not be postponed as the date is announced which is 12th July. This year there will be no restrictions because of Covid.

There is clear information regarding the prime day of amazon and its date on the official site of amazon that the date of prime day 2022 is 12th July.

Before the statement says that it is shifted from July to August but these all were rumours and now clear news came and wipe out all the ambiguities.

What Amazon Prime Day 2022 Will announce?

We were looking keenly into this matter and as we received the news regarding the date we bring information to you. The date 12th July is announced finally. So it is time to get ready for the mega event of shopping. As we expect after the Covid, this year we will see huge discounts on different products by famous brands. The day is at our doors. So just prepare yourself and stay tuned with Envestopedia for the latest updates.

Amazon Prime Day Event Date

12th July Tuesday – 13th July Wednesday

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