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What is Project Charter and Why is it Important?

The Project Charter is the written document that is used to captures and summarizes the elements of the business through the business case explanation, project’s scope, and the goal of the business.

What is Project Charter and Why is it Important?

If the project is good then it must have the following information

Project Purpose or Justification:

Everyone must be clear about the decision of the project and build a strong leadership foundation from the performing organization. If everyone knows about the performance of the project they can be a laser focus on the end result.

Measurable Project Objectives and Related Success Criteria

This statement shows the expectation of the company to its project. It shows that everyone work on the same goal and goal is clear to all.

High-Level Requirements:

In the project charter as well as in the project management plan several components have a place in the project. Project requirements as envisioned by the organization can be placed within the project charter to clarify the thinking of the organization by creating the project.

Assumptions and Constraints:

From the unclear assumptions there are many issues arise in the project. Many issues clear to the management before the starting of the project. Therefore in the project charter, they should be stated and passed down to the project management plan.

High-Level Project description and boundaries

This statement shows that what the creator of the projector thinking and make the project is crystal clearing. It should not be considered as the final project scope.

High-Level Risk:

Most of the project has 1 or 2 major risks which use to define the project. In the project charter, these risks include but in the project risk analysis within the project management plan these risks have no place.

Summary Milestone Schedule:

There are 1 or 2 major stakeholders in most of the projects that need a lot of attention. Milestone defines the project and place in the project charter, but not take the place of a detailed schedule during the project planning stage.

The main parts of the Project Charter

Problem Statement:

This part is used to make the list of the problem which is being tackled and also it states the current or historical conditions of the process. At the possibly highest degree, the problem statement provides the quantifiable data illustrating the problem’s effect. At the point in this, there may not be available accurate data then there may use the estimated data because the charter is the living document. in the measure phase, there should be available accurate data that significantly change the problem’s effect the project will be reevaluated.

Business Need Adress:

For the pursuing of the business by explaining the company’s benefits, Business Need Adress demonstrates the business. This section used to describe the supporting efficiency of the organization’s strategic goals. Also, this section shows the project performance to solve the problem for the customers.


Objectives are the quantifiable statement that illustrates how much the organization will improve the process.


The scope is used to adjusting the project’s focus in order to ensure that the aim of the firm is realistic and is critical to success. Unattainable target is the cause for waste of time and resources. If the project is a realistic base then it will be completed within four months. If the project not completed in 4 months or less then this then such type of project will be ambitious and will be broken into the small project. The scope is used to shows the specific focus of the project.


Resources are the assets that are used by the team of the project for successfully completing the project. Database and labours are examples of resources.


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