What is MLK Day 2020?

What is MLK Day 2021

Martin Luther King Jr Day which is often referred to as MLK Day is the birthday of Martin Luther King Junior. MLK Day 2021 will be celebrated on Monday, 20th January 2020. This day will be celebrated at the state level and banks will remain closed because of this federal holiday.

What is MLK Day 2020?

Why people celebrate MLK Day?

People of the United States, celebrate this day on every 3rd Monday of January. The reason is that it is around the actual birthday of Martin Luther King. He was the chief of the activist who was non-violent and stand for civil rights. They stood up against racial discrimination in federal and state law. MLK became so famous after its struggle for the rights. In different states, the day was celebrated before but officially this day become a holiday in 2000 across all 50 states. The day of his birth celebrates in order to remember the life of a person who believes in equality and fought for racial discrimination.

When was Martin Luther King born?

When we discuss MLK Day 2020 then the question is that when Martin Luther King born? He was born 90 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on 15th January 1929.

Fun Fact: Only Martin Luther King, Jr (MLK), Christopher Columbus, and George Washington have a United States national holiday in their respect.

History of Martin Luther King Day

Just like any other day MLK Day has also a history. This day is actually not a day for an individual but of remembering a great struggle. After the King assassination soon in 1968, there was legislation which was for the holiday of Martin Luther King Day. From that day every year, the third Monday of January is celebrated as MLK Day which is on 20th January in 2020. Though there was great opposition by both political and racial grounds.


As there was a great opposition we talk about earlier so people shared their views about MLK Day. Those who are against this act accuse Martin Luther King Jr a communist spy and much more. Those people have views that Martin Luther is not so much worthy for such respect. Jesse Helms and John Porter East were senators and were in great opposition of MLK Day. They considered him a traitor and spy who works for foreigners and communist especially. They didn’t only claim but presented a 300-pages document in the Senate in favour of their claims. Democrat Daniel Patrick was the one who throws their documents in the dustbin and consider their claims as slanders.

In 1983, the holiday legislation for MLK Day was passed by congress. It was though opposed by many in the start but Musician Stevie Wonder helped in making it popular across the country.

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