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US Bancorp: Consumer Banking-Personal Banking

US Bancorp is the bank holding company which is the parental company of the US Bank National Association. US bank national association in America known as the US bank. it is the 7th largest bank in America.

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US Bancorp: Consumer Banking-Personal Banking

US Bancorp which is known as US bank provides the banking, investment, mortgage trust, payment services, product to an individual, governmental entities, businesses.

Bancorp US has 3106 branches in America and it has 4850 ATM,s in the US.

US Bancorp Headquarter and First Bank System era

The headquarter of Bancorp US is in Minnesota. in the start, this bank has six locations for disclose amount. 1000 offices of us Bancorp in the Washington, Minnesota, Oregon, Colorado, California, Idaho, Nebraska, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming and Consas. in December 1997 acquisition of this bank complete.

in 1998 Bancorp US announce the acquisition of the Vancouver, Washington based north-west brand share which has 10 branches. justice department of America gives the permission of the acquisition of the northwest national bank. justice department approves that acquisition on the condition that one branch of northwest national bank sells. Then the one branch sold to the Cenntenial bank of Eugene. after that in 1998 the acquisition complete.

Acquisition of San Diego- based bank of commerce start in February 1999. this bank has 10 branches which have a stock of 314 billion $. acquisition of which complete in 1999.

Also in May 1999, Bancorp US start the acquisition of the New Port Beach California- base Bancorp with it Santa Monica bank and southern California bank and its branches. which has 904 million dollars in stock. in November 1994 this acquisition complete which has 1.04 billion dollar stock at that time.

US Bancorp announces the acquisition of the San Diego based Scripps financial Base corporation which has nine branches at that time and has a stock 155 million dollar. Acquisition of this complete in October 2000.

US Bancorp Takeover by Firstar

In the month of April in 2009 the acquisition of the all the branches of the Encino-based Pacific Century bank from parent Honolulu. this Acquisition complete in September 2001.

in 2002 the US Bancorp start the acquisition of all the branches of the San Mateo California bases Bay views Bank from its parent which is a bay view capital corporation for hundred twenty-nine million dollars. In November 2002 this acquisition complete.

In 2004 the US Bancorp start and then complete the acquisition of the National city corporation.

In 2005 US Bancorp start the acquiring of the Wachovia Corporation and then done it with 720 million dollars in cash.

In 2006 US Bancorp start the bond trustee business from SunTrust with 123 billion dollars. And also in 2006 US Bancorp announce the acquisition of the Avon Colorado-based Vail bank Inc. Also, US Bancorp announces in 2006 the acquisition of the Great Falls, Montana based financial corporation.

In 2008 the Bancorp us announce the acquisition of the bank of the New York Mellon for disclose amount in cash and then complete that acquisition. Also in this year, the US treasury invested  6,599,000,000 Dollar stock and warrant in the company through the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.

In the same way, Bancorp US announced the acquisition and then complete all the announced acquisitions in the next year up to 2018.


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