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Union Bank of California | MUFG Union Bank | Online Banking Login

Union Bank of California or MUFG Union Bank is the best bank and well known for its services. You can check all the details regarding Union Bank of California through which it will be easy for you to choose the best banking services.

Union Bank of California

Union Bank of California

Union Bank of California is an American Bank operating 398 branches in California, Washington and Oregon. Union Bank of California is now known as MUFG Union Bank. This bank is offering its services since 1864.

MUFG Union Bank (Log in)

Formerly the MUFG Union Bank was known as Union Bank Of California. Now its name has changed to MUFG bank. You can find the services in the name of MUFG Union Bank (login). You may be seen sso unionbank log in page.

How to open Union Bank of California Account (MUFG Account)

Now you can open Union Bank of California Account or MUFG Union Bank account by visiting any nearest branch. If you have no idea about the nearest branch then you can locate the branch of MUFG Union Bank by the way given below in the article. Online account opening service is available yet for you so you need to visit the nearest branch.

Union Bank of California Online Banking (MUFG Online Banking)

Union Bank of California Online Banking or MUFG Online Banking is offering you facility to use banking online. You are at home or anywhere doesn`t matter. You can check your banking details like deposits, balance, bill payment details or any information about what you need. You can pay your bills even you are at home or somewhere on the way. Now MUFG Online banking put all controls in your hands. Enjoy best banking services with Union Bank of California Online Banking.

Union Bank Online Login | MUFG Bank Online Login

Now you easily log in to your account via union bank online login. When you applied for bank account then all the details of online banking has been provided to you. Just put username and password in the boxes to get access to your Online banking via Union Bank Online Login or MUFG Bank Online Login. If you are facing any issue then you can contact to Customer service of Union Bank of California (MUFG Union Bank).

Union Bank of California Credit Cards (MUFG Credit Cards)

Union Bank of California Credit Cards is also offering services to MUFG Banking users. Check your mail for the email regarding Credit Cards of Union Bank of California. Now you can use credit cards for several purposes like shopping, Utility bill payments, cash transfers and many more. Get your Credit card immediately for better services.

Union Bank of California Home Loan

You can also apply for the Union Bank of California Home loan services. Check all the details after logging into your Online Banking account of Union Bank of California. If you are eligible for the insurance program of Union Bank of California then just apply and enjoy the services.

Union Bank Locations | Union bank Near me

Are in search of Union Bank Locations? You can search Union Bank Near me by visiting the official link ( A page as given below will be open for you.

Union Bank Of California Locations | MUFG UNion Bank Near me

Union Bank Customer Service

Union Bank Customer Service is available for users. MAIN PHONE NUMBER: 1-800-238-4486. Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Union Bank Routing Number | Call US | Contact US – Union Bank

The Union Bank routing number is given below. For setting up direct deposit or wire transfer call at:


If you have queries regarding Debit Card and ATMs then you can contact at:


If you are interested in opening a new account then contact at:


Are you Looking for Union Bank Online Banking Services?

If yes, then without any delay just visit Union Bank Online Banking Services.

Union Bank Online Login Page | Secure Login – Union Bank

You can click on Login Page for Union Bank Online Services OR use this URL ( for login to Union Bank.

Union Bank Login Page

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