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Sonos PLAY 5 Wireless Speaker 2022

Sonos PLAY 5 Wireless Speaker Review: It is created by Sonos and is a smart speaker. On 13th of the October, this product was announced in 2009 and then on the 5th of November was released. It is the first appearance product in the play lines of products. It is designed to start SonosNet, stereo pair with itself and with the play bar and USB for the starting of the basic home theatre system.

Sonos PLAY 5 Wireless Speaker

If you are searching for such a speaker that covers a large area with music and has high resolution then Sonos Play 5 speaker is the suitable choice for you. It is easy to use the speaker. Sonos Play 5 is the latest release and has advanced features as compared to others. It has the most powerful wireless system and it has all which the average users need. You can also check Sonos Subwoofers 2022.

Sonos PLAY 5 Wireless Speaker 2022 Features:

Play 5 speaker of Sonos has simplified stuff. It has an ethernet port, a 3.55 mm audio port, and a button to sync the play 5 at the back of this speaker.

This speaker is one of the best production of Sonos. As compared to previous products of Sonos there are new features added and also improve the drivers accordingly.

You can connect this speaker with any Alexa-enabled device and play your favourite music on the speaker through your device. For volume, this speaker also has touch sensors and track control which users can use if the mobile is out of reach. Some people are also interested in Sonos Play 5 gen 1 Bluetooth Speakers.

The sound and bass of this speaker are clear. The material used in this product by Sonos is totally genuine due to which it is not heated up while you continuously play music on it.

It does not have a battery; the user must plug it in, as it’s a serious audio device, not a portable battery-powered implement like the crap Samsung sells, though Sonos mentioned one Lithium-ion battery required. Sonos Play 5 cost 2022 is also important in which you are interested. Here are the details.

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Design of Sonos Play 5 Gen

It is totally redesigned by Sonos. The new Sonos Play 5 has improvements in all the parts. The edges of the new Play 5 Sonos speaker are rounder and have a flat base. It has no missing parts, the same as available in the innovative play 5. The previous product of it was completely misplaced from the market.

The new Sonos Play 5 has small legs due to which users can place it in horizontal or verticle fashion. It has the sensor insight to sense, on which alignment the speaker is set.  Through buttons on the speaker, you can adjust the quality of sound. By using the pairing option users can pair up to 5 devices to produce stereo sound. Pairing is an expensive idea but you can invent any home cinema system through this idea.

This is a handy product because users have no need for the Sonos app to start listening to music. When you press the play button then the last time played music starts to play. On the top, there is the physical button on this speaker.

This product is available in 2 colours which are black and white. User can choose their favourite colour but the grill is black in all pieces.

It has an adjustable size, so no matter what the decoration of your room.  You need the Sonos app to select the input. As compared to other wireless speakers it is totally different because it cannot switch over automatically.

Pros and Cons Sonos Play 5 Speaker 2022


  • This product has well-balanced bass and treble
  • The sound of this product is Room-filling
  • It supports multi-room audios during additional Sonos devices
  • You can  pair this product for good hi-fi sound
  • This product works with the many streaming services


  • It has no Bluetooth network, AirPlay, or Google Cast support
  • The proprietary system can only use with other Sonos speaker devices
  • To get hi-fi sound required to pair up two units
  • restrictions of Sonos’ app are also starting to show
  • It is not a portable device.

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