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Net Operating Profit After Tax (NOPAT) | Formula | Example | Calculation

Definition, Formula and Calculation of Net Operating Profit After Tax

Net Operating Profit After Tax (NOPAT) Calculation Formula

(NOPAT) is the profitability measurement that is used to calculate the theoretical cash of the company which the company distributes among the shareholders of the company if the company has no debt.

In other words, NOPAT is the profit amount from the operation of the company after-tax payment without regard to interest payment.

If the company have no obligations then the company can distribute the total money among the shareholders.

Definition: How is Nopat calculated?

Creditors and investors use NOPAT to find the efficiency of the company to pay its current obligations and pay to its shareholders. This is used only as a gauge because it does not give an accurate measurement.

The accrual method of earning creates the time difference between earnings are recognized for book purposes and earnings are recognized for tax purposes. SO there is a difference between the calculated amount and the amount which is distributed among the shareholders.

To find the profitability of the company for the operations of the company net operating profit after tax is calculated by analysts using this ratio. To find the operating efficiency of the company this ratio gives an accurate result.

Net operating profit after tax formula

NOPAT formula can be calculated by the product of operating income of the company and 1 minus the corporate tax rate.

Net operating profit after tax (NOPAT) = Operating profit x (1- Tax rate)

If the detailed income statement is not available and the net operating income cannot figure out then we need to use net income by backing out the interest payment as below.

Net Operating Profit After Tax (NOPAT) =Net profit + Net Interest x (1 – Tax rate )

It is a simple formula as compared to the above of this. Because operating profit, net income and interest expenses are available on the income statement through which we can calculate NOPAT. Net operating cash flows to net profit after tax.

Calculating Nopat example

Another question people ask about net operating income is the same as net profit? Now we take the example of the light bulb manufacturer which report the below-listed items on the income statement.

  • Operating profit =$50
  • Tax rate = 30%

From this, we can calculate NOPAT by putting in the NOPAT formula as

NOPAT = 50 x ( 1 – 30% ) = 35 dollars

If we use the second equation of NOPAT then we need net income and net interest for the calculation of NOPAT. By putting the values of these after the calculation then we get the same result of 35 dollars from it also. Both equations of NOPAT give the same result if the company have no debt to pay off.

For any business operating profit and net profit are 2 important parameters. Operating profit is used to find the operating efficiency of the business whereas net profit tells how much overall profit the company gets. In the operating profit, the tax amount is not included whereas in the net profit tax amount includes.

NOPAT is the operating profit after the deduction of taxes. Without debt, the operating performance of the company is calculated by the Hybrid calculation of NOPAT. This is how to calculate net operating profit after tax.

NOPAT Meaning _ Analysis and Interpretation

On a standalone basis,  the analysis of any ratio or number is not useful. For better results, you need to compare the history of the company with others in the industry. Through historical analysis, the analyst knows whether the performance of the company improve or not and peer analysis shows how the company stakes within the peer set in term of operational efficiency.

There are some reasons because of which NOPAT increases or decreases for some companies for 2 years or above. The changes in the result may be due to the operating margin or changing product mix etc.

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