You are currently viewing N26 Metal | N26 Bank | N26 Black Metal Card (N26 Master Card)

N26 Metal | N26 Bank | N26 Black Metal Card (N26 Master Card)

N26 Metal | N26 Bank | N26 Black are actually all the services for the customers of N26 Bank. Now N26 metal with latest services is available for the users of N26 Bank across Europe and other countries having Branches of N26 Bank.

N26 Metal is Here!

N26 Metal | N26 Bank | N26 Black Metal Card

For making you more connected now N26 Metal card is available for you. For N26 Metal you must have an account in Bank N26. This Metal card is actually a statement, which is Europe`s first contactless metal card. N26 Card has many services for its users.

For making you more connected now N26 credit card is also available as one of the famous services of Bank N26.

You can check the N26 credit card review as well via this forum. In the present Digital World, N26 Metal is a physical card and also membership for the Digital generations. It is a piece of good news for you that N26 Metal Ireland is also offering the services to the users of Bank N26.

Designed N26 Black Card By N26 Bank

The design of the N26 Metal card is black. N26 Bank keeps a focus on its design to make it much effective. It is made of all metal, stainless steel front to emphasize the mechanically etched logos. Now you will better with the look of an N26 Black metal card by N26 Bank.

N26 Master Card is now available for the users of N26 Banking.

N26 Bank

N26 Bank is a German direct bank. The headquarter of the Bank is in Berlin, Germany. This Bank is offering services throughout most of the Eurozone. Further, it is expanding to the UK (England) in 2018 and the US (United States) in early 2019.

For N26 Metal Card You Need N26 Bank Account

If you are looking for N26 Metal Card it is obligatory to have an N26 Bank Account. Without opening an account there is no way to get N26 Credit Card. You can open your bank account in any branch just like N26 Bank UK.

How to Open N26 Bank Account?

This is the question often asked by the customers who are interested in opening Bank Account in N26 Bank. It is quite easy to open an account to use N26 Banking. You can check the details by visiting It just took 8 minutes to create your account.

N26 is Coming to the US — N26 United States

People and media are discussing about N26 is Coming to the US as the N26 United States. Now it is the right time to sign up for N26 Bank Account to get the early access to take benefits from all the services of N26 Banking.

Now it will be easy for the people of the USA to use the Banking services of N26.

Price of N26 Card | N26 Metal Card | N26 Black

When you are ready to open an account then you have to choose a plan which suits you. You have options like N26, N26 Metal, N26 Black. Now all depend on your budget.

Just select any of them and enjoy the best services of N26 Banking. For the selection of your plan just search in your browser for ( and then select the appropriate plan for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Is N26 Bank is offering N26 Joint Account?

At the moment N26 Bank is not offering its customers an N26 Joint Account. One person can use only 1 account at a time.

Is N26 Metal is different from N26 Black or N26 Card?

N26 metal is a different card from N26 Black or N26 Card because each card has it`s own N26 Banking services according to the selected plan.

N26 Contact | N26 Support Center | N26 Customer Support

If you are facing some problems or have any confusion then don`t worry because N26 Support center is available for you. You can contact N26 Customer Support for any assistance.

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