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JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reviews 2022

JBL GO2 is a small speaker and has a decent sound for its tiny size. It has a small size and even you can fit this speaker in your pocket. The design and sound of this product are improved by JBL and now it is fully waterproof. Also, this speaker has speakerphone capabilities.

JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL GO 2 Review

The battery timing of this speaker is up to 5 hrs maximum and it does not have much bass. This product is an appealing little Bluetooth speaker.

Many wireless Bluetooth speakers sell by the JBL in the previous years and now GO2 speakers are the second generation and are the smallest and least expensive speakers offered by the JBL.

Original JBL Go speakers look like toy speakers and have a weight of 130 grams approximately. The new version comes in many colours which have 184 grams of weight and cost $40. It is a fully waterproof product, with a rating of IPX7. This product can be submerged in a depth of water up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

It is the little havier speaker. The size of this product is very similar to the original and also it is designed for max portability. You can put this product in your laptop bag, or purse, and even fit in a lot of pockets.

The battery timing of this product is 5 hours at a moderate volume level. As a speakerphone, it has good performance also. There is a built-in microphone in this speaker.


There is the Volume control button, pause/play button, and dedicated Bluetooth button on the top of this speaker. A Dedicated Bluetooth button is used for pairing this speaker with a phone or other devices that have BlueTooth. 3.5 mm audio input and micro USB charging port are underneath the basket on the right side of the speaker.

The sound quality of the tiny speaker go is relatively good. As compared to the original go and Go 2, the sound quality of this one is good and has little loudness with more bass. Even so, as users expect, overall it is short on bass and would not rock the room, even the small one. if you want to play bigger and sound quality then you can buy other speakers like SoundLink Micro but they cost 2.5 times greater.

For listening to music, it is not considered as a big speaker. It is good as a companion speaker for watching movies and streaming other videos.

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