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Doss SoundBox XL Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Doss SoundBox XL is a wireless portable Bluetooth 4.0 speaker. You can easily use this speaker to play your favourite music through your devices. On the top of this speaker, there are 7 buttons.

Doss SoundBox XL Bluetooth Speaker Review

It has classic colour and a sleek design. By using 3 methods you can play music on this speaker. By connecting your device with this speaker through Aux-in cable, Through Bluetooth connection, or Put an SD card in the slot of the speaker you can play your favourite music on this product.

Doss SoundBox XL bluetooth speaker

There is a 20 W driver installed in this product and it has a 12W subwoofer also that enhance the sound of the quality and base. 2200mAH Li-ion battery of this product gives the playback time of 12 hr.

In the past, Doss Speakers have not good shapes and features as these have right now. Because in the past the outer shapes of the products of Doss were made of plastics. But now the material used in all the products of Doss or good due to which you can take it with you for different activities such as climbing, travelling, hiking and more.

It is perfect for all the weather conditions. The connectivity of this Doss product is awesome because you can connect your devices with it from a distance of 100 feet. It gives the playtime of 10 hr to its users and you can charge it complete within 2 or 3 hours.

The performance of the product of Doss, SoundBox XL is impressive. The audio quality f this product is extraordinary as compared to the other product of Doss. There are many speakers available in the market in the range 100$ among which SoundBox XL is the best. When you buy it you will realize it, the speaker you buy is better.

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Packaging And Scope of Delivery

After the shipping, you will get this product within 2 days. When you receive the box you will have Aux cable and an EU and UK power supply with a hollow plug. In the box, you will find the instruction manual in German and English language. Manual may adjust to the country from where you order it.

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