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Doss Soundbox Pro

Doss Soundbox Pro is the water prof wireless Bluetooth speaker which has a much louder sound than you expect. You can use it for indoor parties as well as for outdoor with thunderous bass. For your adventure, it is the ideal product launched by Doss.

Doss Soundbox Pro Description


Doss Soundbox Pro

After the invention of Bluetooth and Li-Ion battery, it became possible to design a wireless, rechargeable, and completely portable speaker. Because of the portable feature of this speaker you can carry this speaker with you in different activities like hiking, swimming, climbing and more. This product of doss is not cheap and plasticky. The rubberized texture used around the entire enclosure of this product because of which it feels very tough just like the name brand quality. It is water-resistant with an IPX5 rating. On the screen, everything is explained to users. You can pair your speaker with another Doss Soundbox Pro speaker for true stereo separation. Through this speaker, you can sync 1, 2, 3 or 4 speaker for good sound.
If you need a speaker for several hours or one day then the best choice for you is the Soundbox pro product of Doss that you can use with wires or wireless connection. In this product audio equipment available for users that is very powerful as compared to its price.
There is the 7 control button on the top of this speaker which is the power button, skip button, play button, pause button, volume button, and audio input mode button. When you connect this speaker with more than 1 device then you can toggle between different audio sources by just pressing the audio button that label with “M”.
Below the control button, there are small battery indicators composed of 4 dots. Through these 4 dots, you will be able to keep tabs on how much charging you have left in the battery. There is the TF card port at the back of the speaker which is a 12V or 12.5V power port and an Aux-in port. For every action, there is a specific button at the top of the speaker which is labelled specifically.
The weight of this speaker is roughly 1.39 pound, Due to the less weight of this speaker you can lift it from one place to other during uses. Due to the long and thin design of this speaker, you can easily find a place to set it up.

Audio Modes

To use this product you can use 3 independent modes from which Bluetooth most is the simplest model. It has 4.2 Bluetooth that compatible to connect any tablets and smartphone. Most of the connections of Bluetooth have a range of 33 feet but this speaker has a range of 66 feet for better connectivity.
If you have no interest to connect the speaker with the device through Bluetooth then you can connect it through an Aux-in cable. By using a wired connection you can connect an mp3 player or television with this speaker.
By playing music through a TF card is the third option for you. If you are not using the wireless connection or wired connection still you can enjoy playing music with high portability.

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