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Children’s Place Military Discount

For active military members as well as for retired military persons, there is a 10% in-store discount offered by Children’s place. You just need to show your military ID for this discount. You can be shopping in the store through the online platform discussed below.

Children's Place Military Discount

The Children’s Place Military Discount Policy

There is a 10% discount on each product available in the Children’s Place store. If you have a Military ID then you will be eligible for a discount otherwise not. Discount is available on every product which you can buy at regular store hours. From various locations of the store which are near you can buy products at a discount rate.

For online shopping, there is no military discount offered by the Children’s Place store but you can save money on the next online purchase by signing up to receive promotional emails from the store, and you will receive the industry coupon offer for the discount on the next buying product. The store sends different discounts and sales offer information to your email address.

You also save your money on shopping from Children’s Place to sign up for the My Place Reward. It is a free program through which you can earn 1 point for each dollar you spend at the Children’s Place. When you earn 100 points then you will get the $5 reward certificate. Through in-store shopping as well as through online shopping you can get these points.

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