Christmas Eve, Origin, History & Traditions 2020

Christmas Eve, Origin, History & Traditions 2020

Christmas Eve is one of the most important days for the Christians people around the global. Everyone celebrates Christmas eve with a lot of fun and prayers. They share gifts, provide services and much more on Christmas eve. As the day is about to come and people are thinking about the current year Christmas eve services 2020. Just like every year, this year will also be amazing, and this is the reason people started to think about what to do and how to celebrate Christmas eve 2020. Today, we are sharing complete details with you regarding the Christmas eve and when it will be celebrated.

Christmas Eve, Origin, History & Traditions 2020

Why is Christmas Eve on December 24th?

Christmas Eve is celebrated on 24th December and it will remain the same in 2020. What is the reason behind the celebration of Christmas eve on 24th December? As Christians celebrate Christmas day on 25th December as a day of birth of Jesus Christ. So due to Christmas day on 25th December, Christmas Eve is celebrated on 24th of December and it will remain the same in 2020. “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:11).

Origins of Christmas Eve

If we look back in the History then Christmas Day was not only celebrated one but as a whole season in parts of the world. As this day was celebrated on 25th December, so the time before beginning this day was celebrated on December 24, as a Christmas Eve. Celebrating the evening before the big day was a tradition among the Jews in ancient times and that’s why it is also part of Christians events. If we look at the Jews days, they start the day at 6 in the evening and then end at 6 the next day evening.

History of Christmas Eve

If we look at History it seems that Christmas eve celebrations were started in the 4th century. There were no traces of this day before this era. People are celebrating this day as a Birthdate of Jesus Christ. From the beginning of the time, the Christians are celebrating this day with different styles and traditions. But if we look in the bible, the date 25th December is not mentioned there as a day of Jesus Birthday. But the traces go back to 4th century when 25th December was started as the celebration day of Jesus birthday.

Celebrations of Christmas Eve

Everyone celebrates Christmas Eve according to their interests. Sir Walter Scott described the feelings in a poem:

On Christmas Eve, the bells were rung;
On Christmas Eve, the mass was sung.

The damsel donned her kirtle sheen,
the hall was dressed with holly green;

All hail’d with uncontroll’d delight,
And general voice the happy night
That to the cottage, as the crown,
Brought tidings of salvation down.

Is Christmas celebrated on 24 or 25?

If you are looking for Christmas Day 2020, then it will be celebrated on 25th December but if you are looking for Christmas Eve 2020, then it will be celebrated on 24th December night.

What is the traditional meal for Christmas Eve?

If we look at the traditions on Christmas day then traditional Christmas dinner features turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetable like parsnips, carrots, turnip, etc. Some other types of roast beef, poultry, or ham are also used. For dessert, apple pie or pumpkin, Christmas pudding, raisin pudding, or fruitcake are the staples.

Christmas Eve Traditions and Customs

There are many customs and traditions of Christmas Eve. Some of the practices are also practised in these days and some of them are no more part of Christmas Eve in the modern societies.

Mass Church Service

One of the most practice Christmas Eve tradition is going to a Midnight Mass Church Service. We can see the practice of this tradition in Catholic population countries such as Spain, Mexico, Poland and Italy. Mass Church Service is one of the most popular Christmas Eve services.

Fast during Christmas Eve

Another most practising tradition is fasting during Christmas Eve night. Commonly they do not eat fish or any meat usually and then they eat Christmas meal after the Midnight Mass Service in catholic countries. Some other countries are there where people eat the meal in the evening before going to Mass Church Service.

Lightning of Christmas Tree

On Christmas Eve lighting of Christmas Tree is very common especially in European countries such as Germany, Serbia and Slovakia etc. People brought tree at home and decorate it.

Yule Log

Another most important tradition of the Christmas Eve is the bringing of Yule Log to the house and then light it on Christmas Eve. Some people also bring greenery as a part of the tradition.

8 Most Favourite Christmas Eve Tradition 2020

  1. Pajama Exchange

  2. Christmas Eve Hot Chocolate and Christmas Stories

  3. Candlelight Communion

  4. Sibling Slumber Party

  5. Carolling in the Neighborhood

  6. Stuffer Scramble

  7. A Scattered, Dashed, Covered, and Smothered Christmas

  8. A Bright Christmas

10 Great Christmas Stories for Free

10 Great Christmas Stories for Free

If you an adult now, then just try to remember those days when you enjoy the stories from your elders of the family. Now if you have kids then it is your time to share stories with them and make their days memorable. For Christmas Eve 2020, we are sharing some classic Christmas tales. Sitting in the blanket with your family and enjoy the classic tales will make your Christmas day more memorable. Though the traditions are changed now and in the 21st century now you can go over the internet and read stories online easily. Some of the best and great Christmas stories are available here. You can easily save the files in your system to enjoy these tales and share with your family. You can find Christmas Movies as well for Christmas eve.

10 Great Christmas Stories for Free

10 Classic Christmas Stories for Free

1. “The Little Matchgirl” by Hans Christian Andersen

The Little Matchgirl

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2. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

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3. “Little Piccola” by Nora A. Smith

Little Piccola

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4. “The Other Wise Man” by Henry Van Dyke

The Other Wise Man

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5. “The Three Kings” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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6. “The Boy With the Box” By Mary Griggs Van Voorhis

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7. “Little Gretchen and the Wooden Shoe” by Elizabeth Harrison


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8. “The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry

The Gift of the Magi

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9. “The Legend of the Christmas Tree” by Lucy Wheelock

The Legend of the Christmas Tree

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10. “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams

The Velveteen Rabbit

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Mccormick and Schmick’s Veterans day – Free Meal on 8th November 2020

McCormick & Schmick's Meal on Veterans Day

Every year people celebrate Veterans day in the memories of soldiers who work for the country and sacrifices their lives. On such events, there are many companies which announce different offers. Mccormick and Schmick’s Veterans day Meal 2020 offer is also one of them which will be on 8th November, Sunday, 2020. It is a seafood restaurant offering different delicious meals to customers. People love to go there with friends and family for seafood. They offer free meals and discounts on Veterans Day. In 2020, you can also check the deals and offers by Mccormick and Schmick.

On Sunday, November 8th, 2020

McCormick and Schmick’s Veterans Free Entree
Veterans Families and Gold Star families including their parents and spouses can enjoy a complimentary lunch or dinner at best seafood and steak restaurant McCormick and Schmick’s on Sunday, November 8th, 2020.

Mccormick and Schmick's Veterans day 2019 Discount Offers


This year on 11 of November, they are ready to celebrate twentieth yearly Veteran’s Appreciation of 2020. There are many other business ideas promotions we can see on such an event. On such occasions, they offer a special menu which comes with various new foods. There are many special offers for Veterans and they often go there for lunch or supper. If you are interested this time then you have to confirm before the event because there are limited seats. Here is the latest news about Mccormick and Schmick’s Veterans Day Free Meal 2020 on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2020.

McCormick Paprika, 18.4 oz

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McCormick & Schmick’s Veterans Day Military Discount

You can enjoy the offers but keep it in mind that your service card is important which shows evidence of your service. Veterans have to show a military ID card, VA ID card, ID card with veterans designation, DD 214, or membership card from a military service organization. For parents or spouse who have Gold Family member does not need any ID card.

M&S Seafood, Steaks, Oysters (formerly McCormick & Schmick’s) is one of the famous restaurants has a long history of their support and appreciation for the Military Community. Free meal for Veterans at McCormick & Schmick’s on Veterans Day 2020 is expected just like previous years. Just stay tuned for better offers and discounts.

McCormick Organic Crushed Red Pepper, 7.75 oz

McCormick and Schmick’s Veterans 2020 Menu | 8th November Sunday

Top 10 dishes are here.

(Note: every meal also includes side dishes):

  1. Salmon Rigatoni
  2. Buttermilk Fried Shrimp
  3. Cedar Planked or Grilled Salmon
  4. Darkened Chicken Fettuccine
  5. Parmesan Crusted Chicken
  6. Lager Battered Fish and Chips
  7. Parmesan Crusted Flounder
  8. Delicate Beef Medallions
  9. Romano Chicken Chopped Salad
  10. McCormick’s Cheeseburger

2020 McCormick and Schmick’s Veterans Day Meal 8th November Sunday

Veterans can go on, Nov. 10, 2020, Sunday for an amazing and free of cost lunch or dinner. This free meal is for dine-in only and it is necessary to have a military ID. Keep it in mind that this offer is only valid on the day before the Veterans Day. Check all the details, we are sharing a lot of details with you about the event here. Restaurants are in Anaheim, Roseville, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose.

McCormick & Schmick’s Gift Card Deals | Where can i use mccormick and schmick’s gift cards?

There are different deals available for you and one of them is just 50$. Check details below.

Mccormick and Schmick’s Gift Card Deal

McCormick & Schmick’s – E-mail Delivery

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Our Experience at McCormick and Schmick’s Restaurants (Review)

Mccormick and Schmick's Veterans day Fresh Seafood 2020

There will be a Public Holiday on Veterans Day and Schools, Banks and public offices remain closed. If you ever visited the place on any Veterans Day celebration then it will be a memorable time due to the best services of McCormick and Schmick administration. The deals are not only at a single location but you can visit any of branch and enjoy your meals. When you go there and check out the menu, you will see different deals. There are also free meals on Veterans day in 2020 and you can check the menu for a better choice. You can order any of the meal and enjoy the best seafood by McCormick and Schmick.

There are different deals and you can get any of the deal from 10$ to 50+ $. You can visit with your spouse or family members on such a wonderful event. If you are a Veteran then it is the best offer for you because there are deals especially for you on Veteran Day.

More Veterans Day Discounts and Offers

There are other places such as Bob Evans, Chili’s, Golden Corral, Applebee’s, Ruby Tuesday, Texas Roadhouse, Little Caesar’s and many others. You can easily check the list and enjoy your special day with Veterans Day Discounts and offers 2020. You can find different menus on various spots which can help you in finding the best place.

Note: We collected the information about Veterans Day Discounts from different websites. If you have any suggestion then share with us in the comments section below.

Is There School On Veterans day 2020 Observed holiday?

Is there school on Veterans Day 2020 11 November

Many people are searching about “Is there school on Veterans Day 2020“? As you are aware that most of the public institutions and services remain closed on Veterans day. But people are interested about the school opening on Vet Day. It is a Public or Federal holiday celebrated in the United States on the 11th of November. It is the day for Veterans who served the US military and sacrificed a lot for the country. So schools remain closed on Veterans Day 2020.

Is There School On Veterans day 2020?

Are there schools open on veterans day 2020 government occasion in the USA? Many schools will remain closed on this Veterans Day. The Vet day 2020 will officially be observed on November 11 in the United States. Here you can check about the opening and closing dates of Maryland state-supported school.

Is there school on Veterans Day 2020

History of Veterans’ Day

As you know that there are different national holidays, including Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, celebrated in various countries in order to remember those heroes of World War II genuine dangers of World War I was authoritatively completed at the end of the 11th month of 1918 when the Armistice with Germany got compelling. In start Veterans, Day was known as Armistice Day. The U.S. holiday was renamed as Veterans Day in 1954.

Veterans day 2020 observed holiday?

If we look in details, this day is similarly called peace negotiation day in America. This is also known as the end of a great war. In this universal war, America got a huge benefit from the world as at the end of the war everyone was busy in handling their economies while the United States became an emerging state. This is the day to remember all those heroes who work hard to secure their nation from all the threats. So Veterans Day 2020 will be observed as a holiday across the United States.

Veterans Day in the United States – Time and Date

In all the states of America, Veterans Day every year celebrated on November 11, 2020. As we have discussed before that it is a day when all the federal institutes remain closed. Schools, banks also remain closed except online banking and shopping malls and stores etc.

Though it is also seen that some schools remain open to celebrate the Veterans day at school. Kids perform different Veteran Day activity to make the day more special. It is also seen that most of the schools remain closed on Vet Day but they perform different activities at home and remember the sacrifices of all those heroes.

As this day is directly concerned with the services of Veterans. All Veterans who sacrifice their lives once joined the military as a member and work hard for their country. All those people are our heroes wherever they are. We can share our feelings for them on Veterans Day 2020. We can gift them to make them happy. We can share the grief with the families of those Veterans who lost their lives while protecting their country.

Is there school on Veterans Day 2020 11 November

Should School be off on Veterans Day 2020?

The best idea is that school must remain closed on Veterans Day 2020. The reason is that, they can share the love and with families of Veterans only when they are free from the burden of study. Student can perform different activities at home or outside their home to remember those unsung heroes of the nation.  As a loyalist resident, we all praise this day. On a different note, there are many Student promotions as well by Amazon Prime. Student can enjoy different offers specific for the Veterans Day.

The majority of the families have their individuals in the military. So anybody needs to invest time with families and veterans and want to enjoy special food. it is imperative to pay tribute to our veterans and a debt of gratitude is in order for their services. So enjoy with family and friends it is necessary that we should get veterans’ day Off from work.

What are the school holidays for 2020?

There are different national days when people celebrate national holidays such as Independence Day, Armistice Day, Memorial day and days like them. Now another important day is Veterans Day which is celebrated as a school holiday. All school remain closed and student enjoys Vet day with their families.

Is there school and banks on Wednesday 11th November 2020

In America, every year people love to celebrate Veterans Day. Now from the calendar, it is clear that the Veterans Day 2020 will be on Wednesday, November 11. It is also seen that people across the states celebrate Vet day with full zeal and zest. So this year the same thing will happen and schools will remain closed on the prescribed date.

Same as like in Past, on this veterans day the SCHOOL and Banks on Veterans day 2020 remain closed on Wednesday, November twelfth in observance of Veteran’s Day 2020. As indicated by Wikipedia: Veterans Day is an authority United States open holiday, observed annually on November 11, that praises military veterans; that is, the soldier who sacrifices his life for the country or people who served in the United States Armed Forces.

Are there classes on Veterans Day 2020?

A Veterans Day is constantly watched formally on November 11, and its nothing to do with the day of the week on which it falls. The Veterans Day is an extraordinary occasion or National Ceremony in the assembled province of America, as most functions around the country, is hung on Veterans Day itself. So there is no chance of classes on Vet Day 2020 just like every year.

How about we Make Sure All Schools Celebrate Veterans Day

Veterans Day isn’t to be confused with Memorial Day, a U.S. open occasion in May; Veterans Day adulates the organization of all U.S. military veterans, while Memorial Day applauds the people who passed on while in the military organization. It is like not to be confused with Armed Forces Day, a minor U.S.

Are Schools Closed on Veterans Day?

If Veterans Day falls on a Sunday, at that point All the schools will stay shut on Wednesday, Nov 11th. If we look at this year then Veterans day will be on November 11. it isn’t required for State and nearby governments, schools and non-administrative organizations to remain nearby and may choose to remain schools open or closed.

Among others, schools in Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., are not in session on Tuesday, November 10.

Of course, schools in spots like Atlanta, Denver, New York City, and Orange County, Fla., are open as ordinary on Tuesday. Check your local school zone’s site to check whether schools are open or shut.

Veterans Day: Which Schools are Closed in Northern Virginia

There are a lot of firm occasions when the school tolls over the area will ring for void passageways and void investigation corridors.

Veterans Day on Nov. 11, 2020, isn’t one of those occasions.

Should schools be shut? Tell us in the comments section.

Here is an overview of schools in the region that are open and shut.

It’s significant that various schools that are open for Veterans Day hold special events in affirmation of staff, family and system people who have served in the military.

List of SCHOOL Open or CLOSED on Veterans Day 2020

Check below there are some school will stay shut.

  • CPS Elementary and High School
  • Escondido Union School
  • All NYC DOE Schools. Veterans Day Observed (Schools closed)
  • Farmingdale state college 
  • Wisconsin Public School
  • UW holiday
  • Santa Barbara Unified School District
  • Loudoun County
  • Torrance Unified School District
  • TCCS school
  • Boston University
  • Albuquerque Public Schools


As you see there are many schools which remain open on Veterans Day while some school will remain closed on Veteran day 2020. Now if your child is in any school listed above then you can enjoy the holiday with your children but if your school is not celebrating Veteran’s Day then you have to send them to school. You need to contact to the school office for further confirmation. The school will remain closed or Open depend on their policy. In any case, if you are facing any issue regarding this then do contact us. Enjoy Veterans Day 2020 even if you are in school. Buy the best food as per your interest. Give your feedback in the comment section.