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Best Veterans Day Patriotic Speeches 2022 | Speeches for Veterans

About veterans day different people share different ideas in the form of writings, poems and speeches as well as special discounts on meals. Here we are sharing some Best Veterans Day Speeches 2021. We salute the sacrifices of veterans who work for the United States. Today on Veterans day 2022 we are proud of our soldiers.

Best Veterans Day Speeches 2022

Veterans Day Speeches 2022

On Veterans Day 2021, We remember again,

Our men and woman who served;

We honour them now for what they did then:

The liberties they preserved.

Let`s never forget their sacrifice,

The hard, heavy work they have done;

They did what was asked, crucial needs they fulfilled,

With a telephone, Pencil or gun.

We`re happy and proud to honor them;

They gave so much more than they got.

Our heroes, our veterans kept freedom safe;

All of us owe them a lot.

By Joanna Fuchs

On Veterans Day 2022

While we are here at home,

They traveled land and sea,

To make sure we stayed safe,

To protect and keep us free.

Words are not enough;

To give them what they’re due.

On Veterans Day 2021, please thank them,

For their service to me and you.

By Joanna Fuchs

Patriotic Speeches for Veterans day 2022

On 2021 Veterans Day, we salute all our Vetarans for their serivces for the united states.

We are proud on the people who served in our armed services. We call those men and women Veterans.

We never forgot the services of those people who sacrificed their live for our freedom.

Who live not for themselves but for others. Who left their families for our freedom. Who left their kids for the nation’s kids.

Veterans work for the peace of our country. And today on 11 November 2022 we are really thankful to all our Veterans for making our country free, peaceful, and strong.

Long live Veterans. Long live United States.

By Shami

Best Poem about Veterans 2022

In time of need their will is sure

American, their freedom pure


Protect our life and liberty

Unselfishly, they keep us free


Each soldiers knows what is at stake

The risk is grave, there’s no mistake


With pride they serve our country strong

They face each foe to come along


Remember them while in your home

Or where you choose to freely roam


Don’t take for granted what you see

Some left this life, so it could be


To God I urge you all to pray

For soldier’s brave, to face each day.


By Unknown

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